What are the possible side effects?

  • It is possible that you have one or several of the following symptoms in the days after your vaccination:
    • swelling and redness of the arm
    • shivers
    • muscle aches
    • fatigue and fever
  • This can usually be helped by taking some paracetamol (painkiller).

When will I get my second vaccine?

  • The date for your second jab will also be set when you make your appointment.
  • Only if you get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will you have to come only once.

Am I protected straight away?

  • About two weeks after your complete vaccination, you will be protected against the virus.

Do I still have to comply with the safety measures?

  • Even after your complete vaccination, you have to continue to observe the safety measures. You will be protected yourself but you will still be able to infect others