By taxi to ZNA Erasmus

Are you coming by taxi? There are special rates on vaccination days in ZNA Erasmus. Read more about the terms and rates.

  • Book your taxi in good time through the Antwerp-Tax or DTM Taxi companies. This is important because not all taxi companies offer these rates.
    • Antwerp-Tax: +32 (0)3 238 38 38
    • DTM Taxi: +32 (0)3 366 66 66
  • Be sure to bring your vaccination invitation (paper or electronic). The driver may ask for this at any time.
  • Book your return trip with these same taxi companies. A taxi steward is available to assist you.

The rates for a single trip to or from the ZNA Erasmus vaccination centre are as follows:

From or to To be paid by the user
District Antwerpen 8,00 euro
District Borgerhout 6,50 euro
District Deurne 9,00 euro
District Merksem 5,50 euro
District Berchem 14,50 euro
District Ekeren 8,00 euro
District Hoboken 19,50 euro
District Wilrijk 22,00 euro
Berendrecht 22,00 euro
Zandvliet 24,50 euro
Linkeroever 15,50 euro
Borsbeek 15,50 euro
Schoten 12,00 euro
Stabroek 19,50 euro
Wommelgem 15,50 euro